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You may also conduct the following business at the Center:

  1. 1 Apply for new business registration or amend an existing one
  2. 2 Seek lease information on a property
  3. 3 Pay national taxes (by credit card or bank transfer)

Documents required

  • When applying for or amending business registration
    • Your ID
    • 1 copy of business registration application form
    • 1 copy of lease agreement
    • 1 copy of business permit/registration/declaration (if it is a business requiring license or authorization)
    • 1 copy of partnership agreement (if the business is a partnership)
    • 1 copy of source of funds statement (retail and/or wholesale of gold ingots, taxable adult entertainment establishment, sale of fuels, sale of recyclable materials)
  • When seeking lease information on a property
    • Your ID
    • Lease information request form (or floor plan request form)
    • Documents showing you are a related party (lessor consent form, a copy of lessor’s ID)
  • When an Attorney visits on behalf of the Principal
    • Power of Attorney(stamped with a principal’s registered seal or signature)
    • Copy of Principal’s ID
    • Attorney’s ID

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