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Automatic Calculation Service for Year-end Tax Settlement
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  • This service is an automatic income tax calculation for 2017.
  • The income tax calculated below may be different from the actual tax withheld by your employer.
  • If you are in any doubt about this calculation of income tax, go to Help Desk (Q&A).
  • A non-resident is not entitled to basic deduction (except for oneself), additional deduction (except for oneself), other deduction and credit (except for Tax credit for wage&salary income), etc..
  • A foreigner may choose either Global taxation with progressive tax rate or Separate taxation of wage&salary income (including non-taxable wage&salary income) by multiplying such income by 19%, which is preferential to him/her. In selecting Separate taxation (the latter), provisions concerning such exemption, deduction, reduction and tax credit shall not be applicable (19% Flat Tax Rate Method).

Details of income from employments

Answer(or Amount)
Amount received as payment for labor performed in Korea including non-taxable income from employments

A foreign employee may choose either 19% Flat Tax Rate Method or Progressive Tax Rate Method

19% Flat Tax Rate Method Progressive Tax Rate Method
Click for Calculation Click for Calculation
This automatic calculation is based on "Easy Guide for Foreigners' Year-end Tax Settlement". Automatic calculation for non-residents is not available.
If the amount of income and deductions are not accurately entered in each of the boxes above, this program will produce incorrect results.