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Automatic Calculation Service for Year-end Tax Settlement
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This service is an automatic income tax calculation for 2011.
The income tax calculated below may be different from the actual tax withheld by your employer.
If you are in any doubt about this calculation of income tax, go to Taxpayer Help.
A non-resident is not entitled to basic deduction (except for oneself), additional deduction (except for oneself), other deduction and credit (except for Tax credit for wage & salary income), etc..
A foreigner may choose either Global taxation with progressive tax rate or separate taxation of wage & salary income (including non-taxable wage & salary income) by multiplying such income by 15%, which is preferential to him/her. In selecting separation taxation (the latter), provisions concerning such exemption, deduction, reduction and tax credit shall not be applicable (15% Flat Tax Rate Method).
Details of income from employments
Answer(or Amount)
Amount received as payment for labor performed in Korea including non-taxable income from employments
A foreign employee may choose either 15% Flat Tax Rate Method or Progressive Tax Rate Method
15% Flat Tax Rate Method Progressive Tax Rate Method
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This automatic calculation is based on "Easy Guide for Foreigners' Year-end Tax Settlement". Automatic calculation for non-residents is not available.
If the amount of income and deductions are not accurately entered in each of the boxes above, this program will produce incorrect results.